Alias Tag: Giving Alternate Pronunciation

, 05-09-2023

This is a feature in SSML that assigns alternative names or "aliases" to specific words or phrases. It lets you guide the system on which words or phrases it should use for a better and clearer pronunciation.

Here are some examples illustrating the use of the sub tag with the alias attribute in SSML:


Correcting Pronunciation of Abbreviations:

If you have the abbreviation "Dr." which you want the system to pronounce as "Doctor", you can use the following:

Please meet <sub alias="Doctor">Dr.</sub> Smith.



Handling Complex Names:

Some names can have non-intuitive pronunciations. For instance, if "Geoff" is commonly mispronounced, you can guide the system like this:

His name is <sub alias="Jeff">Geoff</sub>.



Pronunciation of Numbers or Symbols:

In some contexts, you might want numbers or symbols to be pronounced in a specific way.

The code is: <sub alias="one two three">123</sub>



These examples demonstrate how to use the <sub> tag with the alias attribute in SSML to guide the system toward a desired pronunciation for a better and more natural synthesized speech output.

Areas of Use

  • Foreign Names and Terms: To ensure correct pronunciation of names, places, and terms in various languages.
  • Acronyms and Abbreviations: To convert them to their full forms or more common pronunciations.
  • Complex or Technical Terms: To enhance understanding and ease of pronunciation in technical or specialized settings.


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