How to insert a pause

, 05-02-2024

Simple method

The easiest way to pause is to press the pause button in the menu. A pause symbol with a dot like this .- will be inserted.

SSML-tag method

An alternative method is to insert a break tag and specify the pause length in milliseconds and seconds. Press the SSML button in the menu, then break. 

break button

This inserts a tag with a minimum pause of 200ms, like this:

<break time="200ms"/>

This means that there will be a 0.2 sec pause. If a 1 sec pause is required, specify <break time="1000ms"/>. 1000ms = 1 second. This tag is very useful to control pauses of different lengths.

In the example below, a tag was inserted for 2 seconds <break time="2000ms"/>



You can set long pauses in seconds <break time="10s"/>




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