Unveiling Our Cost-Effective Speech Synthesis Limit System

, 31-07-2023

Discover how our groundbreaking limit system offers users an affordable and efficient text-to-speech solution. We detail our unique approach where users purchase 'limits' that convert text characters into synthesized speech. 

Users enjoy our innovative system that doesn't charge twice for unchanged sentences during revisions, thanks to a clever caching mechanism. 

Finally, we reiterate our commitment to offering a cost-effective solution that ensures high-quality speech synthesis and flexible purchasing options without the need for a monthly subscription. Dive in to learn more about how our system can enhance your text-to-speech experience.

How it works

Our speech synthesis system operates with a clear and transparent limit usage system, designed for maximum benefit to you, our user. Here's how it works:

  1. "One character - one limit" Rule: With this rule, 1,000 limits are equivalent to 1,000 characters of pro voice synthesis. For standard voice synthesis, the ratio becomes even more cost-effective. The same 1,000 Limits will allow you to synthesize 2,000 characters.

    This feature provides flexibility in managing your budget depending on the quality and professional level of voiceover you require for your text. This allows you to easily estimate how many limits you'll need for each project.

  2. Saving on Re-voicing: Understanding that speech synthesis is a process that requires fine-tuning, we offer a unique saving option. If you need to make changes to a voiced text and re-voice it, you only pay with limits for the sentences that were changed. Sentences that stayed the same do not require a second payment.
  3. Using Cache for Repeat Requests: Unchanged sentences are automatically saved in cache. This means that when you request them again, they are instantly retrieved from the cache without the need for additional Limits.
  4. Affordability and Flexibility: To make the system more appealing, we set reasonable and affordable prices for the Limits. You are not required to buy a monthly subscription, you can purchase the amount of limits you need.

Is It Possible to Preview Your TTS Conversion Without Spending Limits?

We understand that some users are unhappy due to the lack of a preliminary listening feature, which would allow them to preview the speech synthesized from their text without any limit expenditure.

This concern primarily arises from the fear of wasting limits on synthesized speech errors, particularly mispronunciations or incorrect emphasis on proper nouns like names, surnames, and brand names, incorrect emphasis, or pacing issues.

However, there are valid reasons why we can't offer this feature:

  • Neural Network Resource Usage: Every single instance of speech synthesis, including previews, puts a load on our neural networks. These are the very systems that convert your text into lifelike speech. Each request for speech synthesis, even for previewing purposes, would consume the same amount of computing power and resources.
  • Operational Costs: The operation and maintenance of advanced neural networks involve considerable costs. This encompasses not only the expense of the computing power but also the ongoing research and development needed to enhance the system. Offering a free preview feature would drastically increase the burden on our neural networks, leading to higher operational costs.

    As a result, we would need to substantially raise the price of our limits. Ultimately, this would make our services less affordable for our users, contradicting our commitment to provide a cost-effective solution for high-quality text-to-speech conversion.

  • System Integrity: Our system is designed to ensure fair use and maintain system integrity. Allowing previewing without limit expenditure could potentially open up the system to abuse, such as repetitive requests that might overload the system and reduce the quality of service for all users.

As an alternative to the preview feature, we've designed our system to be as flexible and cost-effective as possible. Our prices are affordable and the fact that unchanged sentences don't require additional limits significantly reduces the overall cost for corrections or adjustments. In this way, we've tried to minimize the potential negative impact of any initial errors in the synthesized speech.

Our system’s key benefit lies in its value proposition: despite an initial learning curve, it offers an affordable and accessible entry point to high-quality speech synthesis, backed by responsive customer support and continuous improvements.

Why is our system beneficial to you?

  1. Pay for What You Use: Instead of paying for each speech synthesis process, you only pay for the actual characters used.
  2. Save on Repeats: The ability to voice unchanged text for free significantly saves your limits.
  3. Simplicity and Transparency: Easy to estimate the amount of needed limits as one character equals one limit.
  4. Flexible Payment: You can buy limits as you need them, rather than within a monthly subscription framework.

We believe that our system offers a transparent and fair limit spending scheme that will help you use our services with maximum benefit and convenience.

Summing Up

In conclusion, our unique limit system has been designed with a deep understanding of the requirements of text-to-speech users, offering a balance between cost-effectiveness and high-quality speech synthesis. The ability to only pay for what you use, coupled with our innovative caching mechanism for unchanged sentences, provides an unparalleled advantage over other speech synthesizers.

We acknowledge users' concerns about the inability to preview synthesized speech without expenditure of limits. However, we affirm that this is based on maintaining optimal neural network performance, controlling operational costs, and ensuring the integrity of our system.

By keeping our pricing model affordable, we aim to minimize the impact of any need for corrections or adjustments. As technology continues to evolve, we too remain committed to refining our system to best meet your needs.

With us, you are not just investing in limits for text-to-speech conversion. You're investing in a system that values your resources, continually seeks to enhance your user experience, and is committed to advancing the accessibility and quality of speech synthesis. Thank you for choosing our platform for your text-to-speech needs.

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