One-time Payments: What is it and why is it more beneficial than a subscription

, 31-07-2023

Dear SpeechGen users! We've noticed recently that many of you have questions about our payment system and the use of limits. "Is this a lifetime purchase?", "Do limits never run out?", "Will I receive my limits again at the start of the month?" These are just some of the questions you've been asking. We understand your doubts because the one-time payment system might seem new and unclear. But today, we want to clear up all your doubts and explain in detail how our system works and why it's so beneficial for you.

The Key Principles

A single payment is not a subscription. When you make a purchase on SpeechGen, you are buying a certain number of limits, not a subscription. This means you make a payment once and get a specific number of limits that you can use for speech synthesis.

We sell limits, not subscriptions. Why is this important? On many other services, you purchase a subscription that gives you access to speech synthesis for a month. But on SpeechGen, you buy as many limits as you need to convert text into speech.

Limits do not replenish automatically. In other words, the limits you purchase do not get renewed every month as they do with subscriptions. If you've used up all your limits, you simply need to buy a new package.

You can purchase limits many times in a row, without any restrictions. This means you can always buy more limits if you need them. When you purchase a new package of limits, the previous ones do not burn out; they simply add up.

Limits are like the internal currency of our service. You use them to turn text into speech, where 1 limit equals 1 character.

Limits won't disappear if you don't use them. You can buy the most expensive limit package for synthesizing 500,000 characters and not worry about having to use it within a month. This is the most cost-effective package, and you save 50%. Meanwhile, you can spend them slowly, for example, 65,000 characters per month. This is more beneficial than buying 65,000 characters every month.

But there is one condition - any package of limits needs to be used within a year. This is quite a long period, and it's beneficial for you.

Comparing with Subscriptions

Comparing a Single-Payment System with Subscription-Based Systems.

Here is a table comparing our single payment system with the monthly subscriptions offered by competitors. 


SpeechGen One-time Payment System

Competitors' Subscription System

Method of Payment

One-time payment

Monthly subscription

What you get

Specific amount of speech synthesis limits

Access to service within subscription period

Limit Renewal

No automatic renewal. Need to buy again when limits run out

Subscription renews monthly

Advantage in terms of control

Buy as many limits as you need, when you need

Pay monthly, regardless of usage

Unused limits

Limits stay until you use them (valid for 1 year)

Unused benefits disappear at the end of each month


Can buy multiple times in a row, no restrictions

Can't buy access for multiple months in advance

Use beyond the limit

Can buy additional limits anytime

May be required to upgrade or wait for the next month

Worry of automatic deductions

No worry about automatic deductions from your account

Need to cancel subscription to stop deductions

This table demonstrates why our single payment system might be more beneficial for users, offering greater flexibility and control over expenses.


Instead of paying every month for a subscription that you might not even fully use, you buy only what you really need. This makes the single payment system at SpeechGen not just simple and understandable, but also beneficial for you.

We hope we have answered all your questions! If there's anything else you don't understand, don't hesitate to ask in our international support chat on Telegram!


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