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Language code: ar-OM

Synthesis of speech in Arabic with a Omani accent.

Arabic is the official language of Oman and the most widely spoken language in the country.

Here are some of the key pronunciation features of Arabic with an Omani accent (Gulf Arabic).

Gulf Arabic (ar-OM) is a branch of the Arabic language and has its own unique vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. It has been heavily influenced by the Arabic spoken in the southern regions of the Arabian Peninsula, as well as by other languages, such as Persian, Hindi, and Swahili, which have been spoken in Oman over the centuries.

Deep "Qaf" Pronunciation (ق). Some Gulf accents pronounce "Qaf" like a "g" or omit it. However, in this dialect, particularly outside Muscat, it retains a deep throaty sound, much like its traditional pronunciation.

Preservation of Specific Sounds. Many dialects replace certain interdental sounds (ث, ذ, ظ) with others. Yet, this accent keeps these unique sounds, notably in formal situations or among the elderly.

Different Words and Expressions. Although not strictly about sound, this accent has unique terms and sayings. These differences can shape the way words are stressed and the flow of speech.

Using advanced tools like SpeechGen, you can convert text to a speech that mirrors the Omani accent. The process utilizes both artificial intelligence and neural networks to ensure accuracy and naturalness. Such technology captures the essence of the accent, offering a genuine auditory experience.

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