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Language code: ar-SA

Arabic is the official language of Saudi Arabia and the most widely spoken language in the country.

According to recent estimates, the population of Saudi Arabia is approximately 34.8 million people, and virtually all of them are Arabic speakers. Language code is ar-SA.

The dialect spoken in Saudi Arabia is generally classified as Najdi Arabic or Hijazi. Here's an overview of some of the most prominent features of the accent:

Interdental Sounds (ث, ذ, ظ). While many Arabic dialects, especially in urban centers or in the Levant and Egypt, might pronounce these interdental sounds as [s], [z], and [z] respectively, many Saudis, especially in formal contexts, maintain the traditional interdental pronunciations [θ], [ð], and [ðˤ].

Pronunciation of "J" (ج). In Najdi, it's pronounced as [g], while in the Hijaz region, it's more like the [ʒ] as in the English word "measure".

Emphasis (Tafkhim). This accent has a rich system of emphatic consonants. Sounds like [sˤ], [dˤ], [tˤ], and [ðˤ] are more emphatic than their counterparts in some other dialects.

With SpeechGen, you can experience the Saudi Arabian accent's authentic sound. Our tool transforms text into speech, capturing the region's unique phonetic intricacies. This synthesis isn't just about voices. It involves advanced neural networks and artificial intelligence, ensuring that the generated speech feels natural and true to its roots.

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