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Language code: ar-YE

According to recent estimates, the population of Yemen is approximately 30 million people, and virtually all of them are Arabic speakers.

The Arabic dialect spoken in Yemen is generally classified as Yemeni Arabic, which is also spoken in parts of Saudi Arabia and Oman. Language code is ar-YE.

Yemeni is a branch of the Arabic language and has its own unique vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. It has been influenced by other languages, such as Ethiopian and Indian. It has several unique pronunciation features, making it distinct from other Arabic dialects.

Influence of Other Languages. Due to Yemen's historical trade and interactions, its Arabic has been influenced by various languages, like Somali, Persian, and even Indian languages, leading to the introduction of unique sounds, especially in coastal areas.

"Haa" and "Khaa" Distinction. Language has a clear distinction between the throaty sounds "haa" (ح) and "khaa" (خ).

With SpeechGen, we aim to capture the essence of this accent in our text to speech conversion. By using advanced neural networks and artificial intelligence techniques, the synthesis produces voices that resonate with the authentic sound of Yemeni Arabic.

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