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Language code: ar-MA

Synthesis of speech in Arabic with a Moroccan dialect.

Moroccan Arabic (ar-MA), also known as Darija, has a unique vocabulary and pronunciation influenced by the country's history and cultural heritage. It also has influences from other languages, such as Berber, French, and Spanish, which have been spoken in Morocco at various times throughout its history.

Despite these differences, Arabic speakers in Morocco and Lebanon are united by their common language and cultural heritage. Both countries have a rich tradition of literature.

This language possesses several unique pronunciation features that distinguish it from other dialects/

Unique Sounds. Some sounds present in Darija are not found in Modern Standard Arabic or other dialects. For instance, the sound [ʃ] (as in 'shoe') is more common in Moroccan Arabic than in some other Arabic dialects.

Reduction or Absence of Case Endings. Unlike Modern Standard Arabic, Darija tends to drop the case endings in pronunciation.

Understanding this, SpeechGen caters to users seeking accurate Moroccan accent outputs. Through synthesis and voicing processes, our tool ensures the conversion of your text into speech mirrors the authenticity of the Moroccan accent. Advanced tools, underpinned by neural networks and artificial intelligence, ensure precision and clarity in every generated audio clip.

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