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Language code: ar-EG

Synthesis of speech in Arabic with an Egyptian accent.

Egyptian Arabic (ar-EG), also known as Masri, is one of the most widely understood and studied Arabic dialects, largely due to the influence of Egyptian media across the Arab world. Here are some pronunciation features specific to the accent:

Pronunciation of "Qaf" (ق). The classical "qaf" sound often turns into a "hamza" (ء), which sounds like a glottal stop. For instance, the classical Arabic word "qalb" (heart) is pronounced as "alb" in Egyptian Arabic.

Pronunciation of "Jeem" (ج). In this dialect, the "jeem" is typically pronounced as a "g", like in "go". For example, "jamil" (beautiful in Modern Standard Arabic) becomes "gamil" in Egyptian dialect.

Softening of Certain Consonants. Some consonants, like "kaf" (ك), can be softened in specific contexts. For example, the word "shukran" (thank you) might be pronounced with a softer 'k' sound.

When we talk about speech synthesis for the Egyptian Arabic accent, the focus shifts to capturing these nuances. Our goal with SpeechGen is to offer authentic and natural-sounding conversions. Advanced techniques involving artificial intelligence and neural networks facilitate this process. Through synthesis and voicing, SpeechGen effectively transforms text into speech, replicating the intricacies of the Egyptian accent.

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