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Language code: es-EC

Ecuadorian Spanish (es-EC), a unique variant of the Spanish language, is characterized by its own set of linguistic features. Notably, it has a more rhythmic and musical tonality compared to the standard Spanish. Ecuadorian Spanish is the official language of Ecuador, but it is also spoken in immigrant communities around the world.

In Ecuadorian Spanish, the pronunciation varies regionally. The "s" sound is aspirated or omitted in certain contexts. As in most Spanish dialects, the "v" and "b" sounds are interchangeable.

Pronunciation of 'j' and 'g': The pronunciation of the letters 'j' and 'g' (before 'e' or 'i') in Ecuadorian Spanish is softer than in other dialects, often sounding more like the English 'h'.

SpeechGen allows you to generate speech in Ecuadorian Spanish from text. The neural network-powered system ensures the generation of high-quality, natural-sounding voices. Its application is wide-ranging. Be it for work, videos, business, advertising, social media, entertainment, and much more, the tool proves useful.

The process is straightforward. Simply insert or type in your text, trigger voice synthesis, and download the resulting audio file.

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