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Language code: es-CU

Cuban Spanish (es-CU) is the variety of the Spanish language as it is spoken in Cuba. As a Caribbean dialect, it shares many features with other Caribbean Spanish-speaking countries, yet it also has its unique characteristics.

The pronunciation in Cuban Spanish is distinctive, with many speakers employing 'seseo' (pronouncing 's' and 'z' the same), dropping 's' sounds at the ends of words and before consonants, and a specific 'r' sound known as the ‘rotacismo.’ Cuban Spanish also has a strong rhythmic intonation influenced by African languages.

Text to Speech Cuban Spanish. Our SpeechGen tool brings these unique linguistic features of Cuban Spanish to life through text to speech technology. With this tool, you can input or type your text, and SpeechGen will convert it into an audible voice. It utilizes modern AI voices that accurately reflect the nuances of the Cuban Spanish dialect.

Rotacismo: Another feature is the change of a lateral 'l' at the end of a syllable to a 'r' sound. For example, "Cuba" might be pronounced as "Curba."

The SpeechGen Cuban Spanish speech generator is applicable to a wide range of tasks such as videos, business presentations, advertising, social media content, entertainment, and many more. Emphasizing the authenticity of the Cuban dialect, it provides a real-time and efficient approach to voice synthesis.

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