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Equatorial Guinean Spanish (es-GQ) is the variety of Spanish spoken in Equatorial Guinea. This is the only Spanish-speaking country in Africa, and thus the Spanish spoken here has some distinctive characteristics.

Guineian Spanish features pronunciation influenced by the local Bantu languages, which makes its phonetics and articulation different from other forms of Spanish. Like all other dialects, it is a phonetic language, meaning the pronunciation of words is consistent with their spelling. However, the intonation, rhythm, and certain sounds are unique to this dialect.

Influence of African Languages: Equatorial Guinean Spanish has been influenced by the indigenous African languages present in the country. These languages include Fang, Bube, Ndowe, Annobonese, and others. This has led to a unique phonetic system.

Consonant Aspiration: Aspiration of consonants, particularly of the /s/ at the end of a word, is common, which is a characteristic shared with Andalusian and Canarian dialects.

Pronunciation of J and G: The letters 'j' and 'g' (before 'e' or 'i') are pronounced more softly than in European version, much like in Latin American Spanish.

SpeechGen enables the conversion of text to speech in Guineian Spanish. It's not just about transforming text into spoken words; it's about generating a voice that is as close as possible to the natural rhythm, intonation, and unique sounds of the dialect.

By using artificial intelligence and neural networks, SpeechGen can simulate the Guineian Spanish speech patterns and provide you with a high-quality audio file.

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