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Language code: es-UY

The pronunciation features of Uruguayan Spanish (es-UY), while sharing many characteristics with other Spanish dialects, has some unique attributes.

Intonation. The intonation and rhythm of Uruguayan Spanish can be different from other dialects, often compared to the intonation of the Italian language.

Consonant Pronunciation. The pronunciation of certain consonants, such as "b" and "v," may vary, with little distinction between them, similar to other Latin American dialects.

Zheísmo. In some areas of Uruguay, the "ll" sound can also be pronounced as [ʒ], similar to the "s" in the English word "measure." This is referred to as "zheísmo."

Pronunciation of "R" and "RR": The rolled "r" sound is also typical for this language. The single "r" sound may be flapped, similar to the American English pronunciation of the 't' in "butter." The double "rr" is usually trilled.

Our generator includes unique articulations and uniacal sounds that are characteristic of Uruguayan dialect. This is more than just a simple text to voice conversion; we've integrated artificial intelligence to make the speech sound natural.

Uruguayan Spanish differs from other Spanish dialects, and understanding these nuances is essential in creating authentic and engaging voice synthesis. By using SpeechGen, you tap into a synthesis system that respects these differences and renders clear, native-like speech.

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