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Language code: es-PR

Puerto Rican Spanish, a variation of the Spanish language, is spoken predominantly in Puerto Rico. This particular dialect has unique features that distinguish it from other Spanish variations.

Aspiration and Deletion of Final 's'. In the dialect spoken in Puerto Rico, the last 's' sound in words is often either aspirated or completely removed. For instance, "los amigos" may be pronounced as "loh amigo."

Sounds 'r' and 'rr'. The 'r' sound at the start of a word or following 'l,' 'n,' or 's' might be said as a flap or tap, similar to how 'dd' is pronounced in the English word 'ladder.' A double 'r' is usually either rolled or trilled.

Linguistic Influence. The way words are pronounced in this dialect has been shaped by African and native languages, contributing to its distinctiveness.

Lack of Pronunciation of 'd'. As with other Caribbean ways of speaking, the 'd' sound in the language of Puerto Rico can soften or even vanish, especially if it's at the end of a word or between vowels.

SpeechGen offers a specialized service in converting text to speech in Puerto Rican Spanish. It carefully takes into account the differences in articulation and pronunciation that make this dialect unique. This ensures that the synthesized voice closely resembles a native speaker.

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