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Language code: es-VE

Venezuelan Spanish, also known as Venezuelan Castilian, has several unique pronunciation features, which are significantly influenced by the region's indigenous languages, African languages, and other foreign influences.

/s/ Debuccalization: Like other Caribbean Spanish dialects, Venezuelan Spanish often features the debuccalization or aspiration of /s/ at the end of a syllable or word (turning /s/ into /h/). So, the word 'mas' may sound like 'mah'.

/ch/ and /ll/ pronunciation: Some speakers, especially in the Andean region, may pronounce the /ch/ and /ll/ sounds differently. For instance, 'calle' (street) may be pronounced as 'cai-ye'.

Rhythm: This language has a syllable-timed rhythm, meaning each syllable takes up roughly an equal amount of time.

Besides pronunciation, SpeechGen takes into account other linguistic characteristics such as grammar and phonetics to make the synthesized speech as realistic as possible. The tool has a variety of applications, from generating voiceovers for videos and business presentations to creating engaging content for social media and entertainment.

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